3 Women in Web3 You Should Be Watching in 2023

    It's no secret that the Web3 space is dominated by men. But women are staking their claim in this ever-changing industry and there are some major players you should be watching out for in 2023!

    It’s no secret that men dominate the Web3 space. But women are staking their claim in this ever-changing industry, and there are some major players you should watch out for in the next few years! In this article, we’ll look at three of these pioneering women and what they’re doing to shape the future of Web3.

    Some of the Top Women in Web3

    Many inspiring women in Web3 are doing amazing things and paving the way for a better future. Here are just a few of the top women in web3 that you should be watching in the next few years:

    1. Aya Miyaguchi – Executive Director of the Ethereum Foundation

    Aya is a Japanese-American business executive and entrepreneur. She is the Executive Director of the Ethereum Foundation, a non-profit organization that supports the development of the Ethereum blockchain platform. Aya is also a founding member of the Global Blockchain Business Council (GBBC), an industry body that promotes blockchain technology for businesses and governments worldwide.

    2. Sheila Warren – Head of Blockchain & Data Policy at World Economic Forum

    Sheila is an American lawyer and policy expert specializing in blockchain technology and data privacy issues. She is currently the Head of Blockchain & Data Policy at the World Economic Forum, where she leads initiatives to promote responsible innovation with emerging technologies such as blockchain. Sheila is also a member of the Global Future Council on Blockchain Technologies.

    3. Meltem Demirors – Chief Strategy Officer at CoinShares

    Meltem is a Turkish-American business executive and investor specializing in digital currencies and blockchain technology. She is currently the Chief Strategy Officer at CoinShares, one of Europe’s largest digital asset management firms. Meltem is also a founding partner of The Blockworks Group, an advisory firm that provides strategic consulting services to startups.

    Why the Focus on Females in Web3? 

    People of all genders need to be involved in developing and growing the web and related technologies. Diverse perspectives and experiences contribute to creating more inclusive and innovative products and solutions. 

    Additionally, having a more diverse group of people involved in the field can help to address the existing gender imbalance and improve representation within the industry.

    The Future of Web3

    Many inspiring women in Web3 are making a mark and creating innovative solutions to the challenges faced by this industry. We have highlighted three incredibly talented individuals whose work will shape the future of Web3 for years to come. As we move forward into a more decentralized world, it is essential to remember that incredible women are leading the charge in this space, and they deserve our attention, admiration, and support.

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