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NFT Today Magazine is an international media publication covering the latest NFT, Crypto & Blockchain news. Our goal is to revolutionize the media space to this market’s potential and offer unique opportunities for our community such as whitelist opportunities for the partner projects, massive exposure digitally as well as in traditional print, and more!

As we all know, there are too many broken and filtered blocks on the chain, making it increasingly difficult to keep abreast of changes within the sector and verify the accuracy and integrity of information. At NFT Today, we are able to control the narrative, provide transparency where there was once uncertainty, and ensure the delivery of real, tangible, and accurate information. Within this narrative, we are able to connect both ends of the educational curve and provide a communal voice for education and updates to our current and future community.

NFT Today is bought to you by a transatlantic partnership of USA entrepreneurs working within the space and a UK publishing powerhouse. Together we have a unique opportunity to publish informative, authoritative news and features within the space.

Our goal is to inform global citizens on the industry so they are not left behind during the next financial and technological frontier.

If you don`t find an answer, contact with our experts, please.

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