An amazing Web3 week in Miami is off to a great start thanks to DCENTRAL.

    When it comes to web3 events, DCENTRAL is among the best. Greater than three thousand people, four hundred or more speakers, and eighty or more vendors were present at this year's event, which was held in downtown Miami at the James L. Knight center.

    As a founder, going to web3 events is an integral part of my job; connecting with the right people in the right environment at a proper event can be a game changer.  Closing out the year with the DCENTRAL event leading into Miami’s web3 week, including Web3 Summit and Art Basel, is the way to go. 

    DCENTRAL is one of web3’s premier conferences.  This year they hosted 3,000+ attendees, 400+ speakers, and 80+ exhibits at the James L Knight center in downtown Miami.  A packed web3 event that hosted a variety of celebrities, creators, musicians, filmmakers, investors, builders, thought leaders, legal experts, and enthusiasts.  Two days of curated speakers and tracks focused on multi-chain DeFi, DAOs, Metaverse, Gaming, Creator Economy, and NFT evolutions.  An amalgam of web3 brilliance, creativity and connection all in the vibrant city of Miami.

    The secret gems of conferences like DCENTRAL also include supporting side events. These partner events create a great way to make solid web3 connections and gain valuable intel and insight into the future of web3.  Rooftop parties, hackathons and accelerator events, VIP break-out rooms, and exhibits provide real-life engagement that creates collaboration, friends, and an understanding of crypto culture that stays with you.  It’s events like these where you learn why we’re here and remind us what the real web3 movement is all about dynamic progress.  For me, understanding how everyone is using web3 tech differently is the most exciting part.  For example, projects like Metaraft are dedicated to giving a helping hand to people in need of medical aid and/or treatment through grants to research institutions & helping people pay their medical bills. I come here to learn about how people are applying NFT tech, I learn about trends and what I consider most important – I learn WHY builders, creators, and investors continue to develop this space with passion, even with the current market conditions. 

    NFTs and crypto, in general, have had a rough few months and a rough few weeks… But there is a silver lining, and DCENTRAL kicking off a week of cultural and technological advancement expresses that silver lining.  Conversations are changing. Everyone is reprioritizing, organizing, and talking about what we need to do to make this web3 movement easier to use, more secure, and ultimately provide the backbone for how b2b and p2p business happens for a massive amount of non-web3 users. NFTs and crypto create opportunities that don’t exist currently. Web3 tech provides a substrate for self-sovereignty and for the progress of intelligent apps, DAOs, and utility tools.  I’ve always believed that web3 is a cultural and technological revolution that will foster a new era of inclusion, empowerment, and improved access to funding and opportunity. 

    Events like DCENTRAL, the connections and friends we make, remind us why we’re here. To build, learn, iterate and continue creating a world of possibility, limited only by our imagination and best practices(my lawyer made me add that).