BurrstSports Improve College Athletes’ Lives

    The thought of being a professional athlete didn't exist a few decades ago, but advances in technology have been changing the way we think about careers. One company helping out athletic students is  - they're a company that helps college athletes monetize their personal brands through Web3 channels.

    The thought of being a professional athlete didn’t exist a few decades ago, but technological advances have changed the way we think about careers. One company helping out athletic students is  – they’re a company that helps college athletes monetize their personal brands through Web3 channels.

    The Future of Monetizing Athletes

    The future of monetizing athletes is a hot topic in sports. BurrstSports believes there is a bright future for college athletes and their ability to monetize their talents. The company plans to improve college athletes’ lives by providing them with more opportunities to make money.

    “We understand the hard work put in and believe every student-athlete should be able to promote themselves with compensation in return.” says company founder and CEO Grant Sapkin 
    BurrstSports plans to provide athletes with opportunities to monetize their NIL in the Web3/NFT space, partnering up with them to allow fans, family, and friends to invest in the athlete’s career by owning NFTs of their brand, for instance.

    What Does Web3 Mean?

    Web3 is the third generation of web technology, and it promises to bring a more decentralized internet where users have more control over their data. Web3 is still in its infancy and various definition exists, but what does it mean to the founder and CEO of BurrstSports? 

    “Web3 is about using technology to your advantage, it’s about adding a layer to existing protocols that adds true value, that allows easier access to funds and showcases truly interactive technology,” says Grant Sapkin 
    Blockchains, which are at the heart of Web3, offer a new way to store and manage data that is both secure and transparent. This could potentially revolutionize the way we use the internet, and it has many implications for college athletes as BurrstSports allow athletes to monetize their brand directly. This provides a new revenue stream for college athletes and helps them offset the cost of their education.

    How Does BurrstSports work?

    BurrstSports uploads its manifesto to NIL portals where college athletes can reach out and partner with them.  

    Their manifesto resonated as the word spread around college campuses – it reads like a battle cry for the college athlete who felt neglected by years of not being paid what they are worth.

    “For decades high school and college athletes would have to abide by rules and laws on how, when, and what they can promote of themselves. They could never be compensated for their name, image, or likeness. Every single day an athlete would make a sacrifice to sharpen and perfect their game. It was a choice every athlete made without any compensation. Focus, grit, discipline, courage and determination to get to the next level. At the professional level they would be paid based on their value. But why not sooner?” as per

    They currently have deals with 178 college students, of which promising Football Wide Receiver  Amad Anderson Jr. from Temple University is a standout NFL prospect.
    In turn, BurrstSports helps them monetize their personal brand using its various partnerships, including the one with Virtualstax.

    What are their Plans for the Future?

    BurrstSports has big plans for the future. They want to continue to help college athletes improve their lives and reach their full potential. 

    “We want to build an extensive Web3 ecosystem for the long term,” and “We see the work that Barstool is doing on NIL as beneficial to us, college athletes need to get paid and we are here to help them in this space,” says Grant 

    They plan on helping more athletes transition from college to the professional ranks.

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