ORE ID Has Been Selected As The Telos Foundation’s Free Cloud Wallet Service For Telos Developers

    Telos is going to be the first Ethereum (EVM) compatible chain to offer a free cloud wallet service for developers.

    When using AIKON’s ORE ID platform, the Telos Foundation will free the first official Telos Cloud Wallet to Telos developers. Using a Web 2.0 login, such as a Google ID, Apple ID, or Facebook login, the Cloud Wallet can be used across native apps and websites to provide users with a simple single sign-on solution. The Telos Foundation is footing the bill for the first 3 million wallets created through this initiative, making it possible for both big and little developers to launch their apps on Telos with minimal friction. 

    This marks a significant milestone for the Telos ecosystem, as Telos becomes the first Ethereum (EVM) compatible chain to offer a free cloud wallet service to developers. With Telos being the first EVM chain to have no gas fees, new users can begin using applications immediately with no out-of-pocket expense.

    “Using ORE ID to launch our Cloud Wallet makes Telos the first EVM chain to offer free accounts, zero to low gas fees and easy single sign-on for our community.” Said Justin Giudici, CEO of the Telos Foundation. “We’re working day and night to make blockchain technology truly accessible for people around the world.”

    To make things easier, ORE ID will allow users to create wallets on the fly for both the Telos Native and Telos EVM chains with a single login. In addition, the Telos Foundation stakes TLOS tokens to each ORE ID wallet, making it possible for users to begin using the Telos chain at no cost immediately. Each user of ORE ID can, for a small fee (10 ORE tokens), export their private keys at any time, making them safe from bots and other forms of abuse thanks to the system’s ethical design and construction for user sovereignty.

    “The high flying financiers of crypto have been rocked by scandal again and again this year, but real blockchain projects, with a truly decentralized vision like Telos, are still building every day,” said Marc Blinder, CEO of AIKON. “It’s an absolute honor to be able to provide our easy wallet creation technology to Telos developers for free, and we look forward to supporting the community for years to come.”

    New users of the Telos Cloud Wallet will soon be able to communicate with the hundreds of existing Telos EVM applications thanks to Wallet Connect support that ORE ID is adding to its standard ORE ID interface. Users of the Telos Cloud Wallet can also use ORE ID to access apps built for the Ethereum, Polygon, Avalanche, Wax, and Algorand blockchains.

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