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    Brian J. Esposito

    Co-Founder and Contributor of NFT Today

    Founder and CEO of Esposito Intellectual Enterprises, LLC. Holding company consisting of 90+ entities, 150+ Joint-Ventures, and operating in 25+ industries and markets around the world. 2020 & 2021 TOP 10 CEO of The World, Top 100 Magazine People In Real Estate as well as Top 100 Magazine Top Innovators & Entrepreneurs.

    Jacob Zohar

    Co-Founder-Business Development NFT Today

    With a diverse background from corporate america to start up ventures focused on different media streams working hands on with clients and consumers NFT Today encomposes that journey with the goal to carry and guide the people to the already shifted economical structure globally.

    Eric Mitchell


    Marine Corps Veteran-turned-national-tv-personality Eric Mitchell is a world-leading expert in sports media, regularly appearing on the world’s largest outlets from BBC, NewsNation, Fox News, Bloomberg, CNN, and more. His signature blend of snark and industry expertise landed him columns at none other than RollingStone, GritDaily, PopWrapped, Disrupt -- and most recently -- Editor in Chief at NFT Today Magazine. When he’s not making media appearances or running his empire at LifeFlip Media, he can be found entertaining his thousands of loyal followers on social media through his authentic filter-free content.

    Gavin Pearson

    Co- founder of NFT today

    International publisher of B2B magazines from New York to Dubai.