Web3 is Enhancing the Lives of College Athletes

    The thought of being a professional athlete didn't exist a few decades ago, but technological advances have been changing the way we think about careers.

    The thought of being a professional athlete didn’t exist a few decades ago, but advances in technology have been changing the way we think about careers. One company helping out athletic students is Hall of GOATS  – they’re a company that helps college athletes monetize their personal brands through Web3 channels.

    How College Athletes can make Money in the Future

    The future of monetizing athletes is a hot topic in the world of sports. Hall of GOATS believes that there is a bright future for college athletes and their ability to monetize their talents. The company has plans to improve the lives of college athletes by providing them with more opportunities to build on their NIL in the Web3 space, as co-founder and Heisman Trophy winner Matt Leinhart explains :

    “College players haven’t earned money of their name, image, and likeness for years, and we are excited to change that by building an arcade-style game where players can develop their digital assets” he goes on to say, “We are excited about women sports in particular, and looking to roll out this opportunity to all major college sports so that all athletes can benefit.” 

    NIL Welcomed in Web3

    Burrst Sports is another NIL Project in the Web3 Space that partners with athletes to help them monetize their NIL in the Web3/NFT space, enabling fans, family, and friends to invest in the athlete’s career by, for example, owning NFTs of the athlete’s brand. According to Grant Sapkin, the company’s founder and CEO, “we understand the hard work put in and believe every student-athlete should be able to promote themselves with compensation in return.”

    Web3 is making a huge difference in the financial future of college athletes.